The Problem

Short Term COVID-19

There are significant challenges on health service helplines, effective data collection, prioritising patients & testing and cluster identification.​

Long Term

According to the WHO, ‘the burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide’. COVID 19 also highlighted the risk. When we looked at highest impact of chronic disease, research showed $300bn is lost on medical costs and productivity losses globally in the corporate sector where an average workplace has 69% of employees suffering from or at high risk of chronic conditions.​

Empeal endeavours to address these issues by integrating all the aspects of patient care for prevention and management of chronic conditions, in real-time and by providing a relevant 360-degree feedback loop to all parties involved in a globally scalable model ensuring data protection.​

The Solution

A scalable cloud based health risk management platform for


We do assessments which combines medical, nutrition, lifestyle behaviour and personal goals data. Our assessments are flexible and can customise as per clinic requirements.


With a provision of a real-time chat system and video conferencing tool, patients have access to practitioners for remote consultation.


We are the only app that is device agnostic and can gather data from smart phones to commercial wearables to medical grade device. Dashboards for each stakeholder in this ecosystem with full data protection and privacy. Helping in quick decision making.​​


Real time analytics with customisable dashboards for individuals, practitioners and clinics ensuring data privacy Helps in quick decision making.

The above will help in short term COVID 19 scenario and also future proof ourselves. This supports social distancing measures, chronic disease management, spread awareness with verified information and help in better resource management.

Enhancing future of health care.

Patients suffering from chronic conditions or are at high risk of are given medical nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Compliance to these recommendations are critical!! Empeal helps individuals comply to those recommendations leading to successful self management of these conditions.

1. Questionnaire based Initial digital assessment ​

2. Wearable integration: it can potentially connect with any wearable device. ​

3. With the correct type of device, we can bring information that can bring the early warning system (EWS)​

4. Online Consultation ​

5. Digital channel for delivery of recommendations, prescriptions or advices ​

6. System generated notification ​

7. Practitioners can digitally manage clinical notes for future reference specially in relapse cases​

8. Detailed analytics show continuous shift in markers enabling focus on key areas for better and quicker results

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