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International nurses day- Interview with Siobhan Dee

Siobhan graduated as a nurse from Cork University Hospital in 1987, worked in the pharmaceutical industry to senior management level and is a qualified coach. ... Read More

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Fit By Foot- Kaberi Das

Our Fit By Foot winner Kaberi Das, joined us for a very interesting interview. She spoke about how the competition has positively impacted her lifestyle and increased her consciousness towards a healthy living. ... Read More

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Women's Day Interview- Claire MacNamee

Last but absolutely not the least in our series of portraying amazing ladies who inspired us with their stories, today we present Claire McNamee, a wonderwoman personified! ... Read More

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Women's Day Interview- Ankitha Prakash

Ankitha, has been a professional miniature artist for close to 5 years now before which she worked as an RJ for an year. She has a master’s in Microbiology but chose to take Miniart as her profession. ... Read More

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Women's Day Interview- Yashaswini Srikanta

Yashaswini Srikanta works as a Senior Software Development Engineer. She is originally from India and moved to Dublin in order to pursue her Master’s degree from Trinity college Dublin. ... Read More

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Women's Day Interview- Katarina Antill

Katarina Antill is the founder and CEO of Bonafi – a RegTech startup in the pharma industry. She has a 10 year background in pharma and 10 years in aviation in various roles. ... Read More

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International Women’s Day interview – Ann Marie

Ann-Marie Corcoran (Account Manager for Global Recruitment Company) Ann-Marie holds a position for a Global Recruitment company with over 13 years experience with her current employer. ... Read More