Health Management Tool to make your life better

Empeal aims to reduce health risks for individuals and organisations by using proactive interventions and continuous improvement through our unique algorithms. Our measurable metrics based on medical, nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour and individual goals data, help users and organisations understand their health footprint and act on it.

Engage your employees with the best


Linking medical, nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour, personal goals data from interactive questionnaires, wearables and other integrated technologies, linking them to find effective solution.


Unique algorithms based on Functional Medicine and WHO models provide personalised health plans encompassing nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural change.


Reward system and interactive dashboard for users to engage with the platform and other users.

Continuous Improvement

Real time analytics linking your data shows continuous improvement to keep you motivated.

Our Technology


We integrate movement, sleep, heart rate and other data from wearables / mobile-devices into a single platform. We integrate that with Nutrition information to give users a 360 degree view of their health.


Our platform can be accessed anytime & anywhere. It works across all devices - desktop, mobile or tablets maintaining User-Experience.


Our users have access to intuitive BOTs which helps in navigating through various screens and features. Users also have access to their health coaches to assist them achieve their personal goals and health targets.


Analytics is our strength. With smart-dashboards users always have up-to-date information. Individuals, Companies and Practitioners/Health-Coaches get different dashboards with comprehensive health metrics.


We use Machine-Learning to deliver personalised protocols to our users correlating all relevant variables. It amalgamates data-points to recognise patterns between the 4 pillars of health.


We are actively working with various partners to enable voice and image recognition tools into our platform - to give our users a better experience through AI.