Meet the Team - Ravinder Singh

17 Jun, 2021
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The next member of our team is Ravinder who is our Business Data Analyst. Ravinder has made such significant contribution to the inner workings of Empeal and has managed to catapult the Empeal application to greater success. In this blog Ravinder walks us through his experience so far with Empeal and how the company has made an impact to his life.

“I have always been an active person and I have always enjoyed being involved in sports. It is for this reason why I was so enthusiastic to participate in the Empeal team step challenge. I found that the competition improved my consistency as I was continuously striving to stay on top and to meet my set walking targets each day. Through speaking to my teammates at work I found that I was unknowingly keeping them motivated and engaged in the competition as we all enjoy some friendly competition.

In relation to my mental health the Empeal app has given me control to see a clear picture of how I am doing which allows me to make improvements in specific areas if needs be. For example, I have been able to review my nutrient intake on a daily basis and this helped me to stay on track. I have also been able to take a look at my sleeping patterns and view my stress levels. These insights in particular have given me great insight into ways I can uplift my mood and improve my mental health.  

As Empeal is a health and wellbeing company, it always encourages its employees and their clients to increase movement throughout the day especially when sitting for long periods at a time. With this encouragement and past practices, I give myself a short break every 40 minutes and I enjoy taking the time to play some table tennis or snooker that is available at the office”.

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