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Health Risk Assessment

Empeal delivers bespoke assessments and analysis through integrated wearables to provide a data-rich, real-time picture of health and wellbeing at work for individuals and organisations.

Personalised Health Programmes

Empeal offers on-demand access to custom group and individual health programmes, gamified for employee wellbeing with fun challenges, motivations and rewards.

Access to Practitioners

Empeal gives 24/7 access to both real and AI health and wellness practitioners, securely, with full data protection.

Health Footprint Analysis

Empeal provides analytics on organisation-wide or individual physical and mental health trends, giving crucial insights.

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Empeal creates tailored health and wellbeing solutions for organisations and their people

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Our measurable metrics based on medical, nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour and individual goals data, help users and organisations understand their health footprint and act on it.

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Jane is a customer service team leader. She feels tired all the time, has hyperthyroid issues, is allergic to gluten and suffers shoulder pain due to a sedentary job and bad posture. Her wellbeing goals are to get healthier and reduce stress, but she doesn’t know where to start.

With Empeal, Jane had access to a cutting edge interactive assessment and trend analysis. This soon highlighted the root causes of her health complaints, which were tackled through custom gluten-free meal suggestions and exercise programmes including shoulder rehab, and guidance and monitoring features for improved sleep. Jane quickly goes from a tired employee to a healthy and happy one.


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…they have no scientific way of designing and implementing Employee Health Management, neither do they have any way of tracking data……

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