World Heart Day - Fireside chat with Brendan Crossey

3 Oct, 2023
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On September 29th, we all celebrated World Heart Day. Over the course of a lifetime, the heart beats around 2.5 billion times, pumping millions of gallons of blood to every region of the body. Given the heart's constant workload, it's incredible that it works so well. But it can also fail. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain a major global health concern, claiming millions of lives each year. It's time to focus on this crucial organ and the significance of cardiovascular health.

Technology is transforming almost every aspect of our life. It is also revolutionizing cardiac care for both patients and doctors. From early detection of cardiac rhythm anomalies to empowering people and educating them about heart health, healthcare is being transformed by simplifying disease prevention, diagnosis, and management by the usage of technology. Digital health technology has a stronger impact in empowering patients and healthcare professionals to achieve better health outcomes.

We are grateful to Brendan Crossey, founder and CEO of Data Innovation Hub, and our co-founder and director, Aurobinda De, for hosting this fireside chat about the importance of cardiovascular health and how technology can help improve it.

Neglecting our heart is like neglecting our life. So, let's make choices today that will make our hearts smile tomorrow!

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