Meet the Team - Madhumita Chattopadhyay

11 Jul, 2021
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An engineer by training, a marketer and Editor by profession, she has 25+ years of experience. Her passion lies in areas of Education and Wellness. Now she joins Empeal, to work on an area close to her heart.

"An electrical engineer by training, a market researcher & business strategist by choice, I finally got the chance to work in a category which is very close to my heart, Health & Wellness.

After college, I worked in mainstream engineering for about 5 years, running up and down boilers and continuous casters in Steel Plants, working in automation of railway reservation systems until the monotony made me stop, unhook and move away from mainstream engineering.

That was when I got baptised to Market Research. A whole new world opened for me. I was conducting research, both quantitative and qualitative across metros, small towns and villages. Trying to interpret the findings and designing suitable business strategy was exciting. Soon I moved over to one of the largest media conglomerates in India. I was incharge of a business vertical and also edited the largest read Bengali women's magazine.

On the 25th year of my work-life, I took a break. The last 6 years I travelled the world, worked with NGOs and taught school children.

Now, I wish to be back full time. I wanted to work for a category which is close to my heart. Both Education and Wellness are areas I am passionate about. So, here I am. With Empeal. Waiting to begin my last marathon!"

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