Empeal's Future - Predictive AI Recommender Engine Part 1

24 May, 2021
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Empeal is continuously seeking ways to help, prevent, and manage chronic diseases for individuals. As part of our mission, we are continuously conducting research and improving our service to accurately meet the needs and preferences of both health professionals and of individuals who are looking to improve their health. We are currently building our Predictive AI Recommender Engine that will enable us to easily match and deliver the correct health program to the right audience or individual. In the past Empeal has found that chronic health conditions are affecting individuals, which are in turn impacting organizations, health services, insurance payouts and many of global socio-economic aspects. COVID-19 exasperated this even further. 

Although there are a variety of innovative solutions to tackle chronic health conditions that ranges from telemedicine, remote patient monitoring to online health and wellbeing consultations and programs, our market research is suggesting there is a lack of solution which are effectively using data to help individuals attain health outcomes for prevention and self-management of these conditions. We are also finding despite variety of solutions; practitioners are not able to understand if their recommendations are being followed by the individuals to attain their desired health outcomes.

Some of the issues that individuals face:

  • Cannot priorities health and wellbeing activities unless unwell
  • Find it difficult to get motivated or stay motivated
  • Even when following recommendations of experts, find it difficult to follow 
  • Lack of on demand personalised solutions under one roof
  • If using wearable for monitoring, it is restricted to the hardware
  • Lack of one platform with various choices of experts

Some of the issues that health practitioners face:

  • Practice management systems, teleconference or zoom group meetings all solve various purpose but they are not all under one roof
  • Low take-up of technology from patient/client perspective as it is ‘another’ technology that they must use
  • Lack of getting complete view of patient/client health status under one roof to prioritise and offer targeted recommendations for better health outcomes
  • Lack of ability to track progress of the individual and adherence to recommendations real time.

At Empeal, we believe this needs a data driven, clinician led approach.

Step 1: Initial profile creation data with emphasis on individual’s goals and circumstances to give users access to relevant experts and programs (1/1 or group).

Step 2: Fully digital access to personalised content in various formats and video calls and chat functions based on level 1 data.

Step 3: Continuous profile building from Step 2 activities and other integrated data sources to refine recommendations further and continue till goals are reached.

Step 4: This gives users confidence and comfort to use the system and take further steps to improve next level of their health and wellbeing.

This then empowers individuals to align what they want with what they need and enable them to take action. This in turn helps in prevention as well as self-management of their health conditions for effective result. To help us learn more about your needs and health coaching preferences please fill out this very short survey, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZFD3LW3

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