Digital Health and Wellbeing - How Can Empeal Help?

4 Oct, 2022
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Health and wellbeing can be a complicated topic, and finding the right intervention can be even more complicated and tiresome. One thing that is clear is that the solution is not a one-size fits all. That’s why Empeal takes multifaceted approach to health and wellbeing, taking into account the whole person and their environments to achieve sustainable and long-lasting changes to a person’s health. Empeal offers users support with fitness, weight management, stress reduction, sleep, and wellbeing. However, we recognise that changes within these areas do not happen in isolation. The key to actually achieving sustainable change is to embed these changes into our complex social structures. That’s why we at Empeal offer over sixteen functions for users to engage with in order to effectively embed their personalised health and wellbeing goals into their lives and the environment around them. To accommodate the complexity and individuality of a person’s health, Empeal tracks users overall health progress in the areas above. This is made possible by monitoring sleep patterns, tracking calorie intake and calories burned, water intake and physical activity. Empeal also monitors heart rate variability to track users overall stress. These functions raise awareness to the users overall health and provide users with the ability to not only to track progress in their goals, but to see how these changes in health and wellbeing are effecting their overall health and wellbeing.

Identifying and tracking goals while important for kickstarting change within users is not effective on its’ own, that’s why content is delivered to empower users on their journey. As users move through their health goals they will also have access to knowledge and education to support their progress and provide a better understanding to their goals. Empeal has an extensive library of evidence-based, and user-friendly content that vary from healthy recipes for weight management, tips and tricks for each of the lifestyle areas (i.e. stress management and sleep) to educational content to develop a better understanding of why these lifestyle areas are important for users so they can gain more autonomy in their health journey. This content is delivered to users according to their goal and their progress.

Users aren’t alone in their health change journey either. To help make these changes long lasting and sustainable, users are supported on app with AI and machine learning, as well as the having access to a live human health coach. AI and machine learning technologies are in place to keep track of users goals and to help maintain motivation. This is done through daily target reminders and check-ins if users are disengaging from their set goals. To enhance users support even further, each person has access to connect and consult with a health coaches at any time. Knowing that there’s a professional there for them each step of the way is a great motivator and can help users develop a better understanding of their situation, and provide support during pitfalls and setbacks that are expected on any health change journey. Aside from AI and professional assistance in health goals, Empeal recognises the value of social support and community when engaging with health and wellbeing goals. Group support is another valuable function on the Empeal app. Group chats can be created for different group dynamics and sizes to bring people together that are working together in creating healthier habits. Contests can also be organised within these groups to increase motivation and social engagement while working through these goals.

Finally prevention and management of health conditions to promote good health and wellbeing to the Irish population is important to Empeal. It is believed that everyone should have access to a healthier and happier life. On the Empeal app, users with chronic illnesses or disease have the opportunity to connect with medical devices and to store the users medical reported. There is also opportunity to for users to create reminders (i.e. for medication) to support the management of their condition or illness. Empeal has developed in app features with the whole person in mind. Each users journey on the app is different depending on their goals and life circumstances, and with the functions available in app personalising each person’s journey has never been easier.

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