Meet the Team - Shreya Gujjal

2 Jun, 2021
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We would like to introduce you to Shreya, our Business and Data Analyst at Empeal. Shreya joined the team in March and in this short space of time she has managed to make such a positive impact to Empeal. In this blog, Shreya outlines how her attitude towards health and wellness has changed dramatically over the past few months. Shreya also gives details on how incorporating physical activity into her daily routine has improved her physical and mental health.

I found that throughout the pandemic my physical activity had drastically reduced over time. I spent most of my time watching Netflix, doing my assignments, e-learnings, cooking and painting. Before I joined Empeal, for about a year the only physical activity I was really doing involved walking to the store to buy groceries. The pandemic not only affected my education as I had to study remotely but it also greatly affected my mental health. Moving to Ireland and being away from my family in India was very difficult and I found myself experiencing major anxiety for many months”.

“Since I began working for Empeal I have learned to understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and how nutrition and exercise impacts my overall health. With Empeal I participated in a step-up challenge which is on-going, and I enjoy it as it keeps me motivated. In the challenge I am one of the top three steppers and this encourages me to continue on my fitness journey. My daily routine now consists of me walking 6-7 kms every day and has helped me to achieve my ideal weight. Alongside this I have seen tremendous improvement on my mental health and stress levels”.

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