Company Culture

18 Jul, 2022
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Company Culture

Company culture is an important aspect of any organisation and influences employee performance, retention, and engagement. It encompasses how we communicate, celebrate wins, critique, and trust one another within a workplace. Today in a post-pandemic society, priorities have changed for employees and maintaining their health and happiness is the most important aspect of professional life for many. Employees are more concerned with factors such as flexibility of work and personal health and wellness.

According to Harvard Business Review (2022), “Wellness will become the newest metric that companies use to understand their employees. In the article discussing the work trends of 2022, it’s noted that when employees improve in personal areas of physical, mental, and financial wellbeing, it translates to “higher levels of performance and retention”. A 2021 LinkedIn survey found that employers “need to put their employees first and ensure they feel cared for and supported”. This creates a workplace culture that allows employees to thrive and produce best possible outcomes at work.

Recently, we asked our employees here at Empeal two questions in order to gain more insight into our company culture.

What do you think of while working and what aspect do you focus most on?

Our employees answered with responses such as how they deliver their work efficiently, being open-minded, and meeting deadlines. However, majority of the answers provided were centred around the user experience and focused on ensuring Empeal creates a product that meets the needs of the user. What stood out in this survey was that within the company everyone is thinking of somebody else while we consistently improve upon our application. Helping people is a company value that we strongly believe in.

What is one non-negotiable factor in both your professional and personal life?

Many of the responses that came up were prioritising health and wellness, professional growth, personal development, upskilling, honesty and much more. It is evident what factors appeal to employees and what they look for in the workplace. There are specific factors that repeatedly appear in numerous workplaces when employees are indirectly asked to describe what they want from a workplace. These non-negotiables are important for employers to gain insight into how to meet the needs of their employees.

Company Culture is an important aspect of any workplace and should be consistently evaluated to ensure it is meeting the needs of employees. A work-life balance is more important than ever, and organisations need to realise that pay is no longer the most important factor for many employees. Employees want to be valued, respected and looked after, which often includes a health and wellbeing solution such as Empeal. We want to take that pressure away from Human Resources and provide a digital health coach to look after your employees, with personal recommendations and fun programmes to allow them stay happy and healthy in and outside the workplace.


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