Employee Wellness and Analytics

16 Oct, 2019
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Employee Wellness Analytics is a buzzword today. With data analysis being the most explored field in Information Technology, employee wellness has been an experimented sector as well. But the question lies, do we need complex data or high employee engagement?

As per research from Harvard Medical School, on Employee Wellness, implementation of Digital Health Platform still lacks impact. Corporates are trying to provide employees with ‘Wellness Programs’ but study shows the engagements are too low.

Employees, especially in data related jobs like IT, banking etc sector spend most part of the day working on or thinking about data. With employee care, our prime objective should be to gather extremely relevant data. Less is More here. To keep the employee engaged and motivated, analytics should be designed considering these key points :

  • How much user data is needed?
  • Can we get the data automatically?
  • Are the insights really making an impact?

Wellness masterminds are working on reduction of the burden from individuals/employees by integrating your holistic data and giving you some meaningful insights. The time spent on the wellness to be as min as 5-7 mins daily to be fruitful. The analysis of the gathered data can be represented using graphs or illustrations. Try to make data reachable to everyone by making it :

  • User friendly and simple to understand
  • Arrange all the user data in a comprehensive and connected layout
  • Provide relevant information only, trying not to make it an annual corporate report.
  • Show historical data analysis for describing the correct shift in lifestyle.
  • Consistent, as a lifestyle change is not overnight. Understand, it takes time.
  • Deliver a tailor-made report for each individual as impacts may vary.

The final milestone is definitely to derive the data intelligence and provide deep dive analysis and tangible outcomes. Technology should not be a constraint in extracting relevant information.

The user should get specialised content, lifestyle and nutrition plans and appropriate guidance from the data analytics gradually. As beyond technology, we wish to impact lives by promoting a healthy lifestyle change gradually.

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