Interview with Fiona Staunton

15 Jun, 2021
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Our next guest is Fiona Staunton who is a Ballymaloe trained Chef and also has a Degree in Education from Trinity. Fiona is passionate about healthy wholefood family cooking, and it is for this reason why Empeal sat down with her to discuss some tips and tricks for Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021. 

In this interview Fiona shares with us some healthy recipe ideas which can be easily implemented into busy lives. Additionally, some tips around meal planning and batched cooking are discussed along with twenty-minute dinner recipes. Fiona also highlights the importance of adding in proteins when snacking in between meals and trying to avoid high sugar snacks. For those who are wanting some extra tips in the kitchen Fiona provides us with several tips to speed up the food prep time process, and how to keep herbs fresher for longer. As hydration is so important Fiona also explains way in which we can flavour our water to make it different each time and irresistible.

Please watch the complete video here.

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