Emphasis on weight loss hiding other important health indicators?

8 Jul, 2020
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‘Lockdown is over so is my weight’! – quoting my colleague Saurabh Kumar.

The term ‘weight loss’ creates immediate interest for anyone on their path to improving their health. Weight loss products and programs are always popular. Why is there so much focus on this one single thing? Yes obesity is a growing issue that the world is dealing with, which has severe implications on health system, economy and society. However, most of weight loss focus is probably wrongly placed. I often hear if a person is within normal weight, they do not need to be on a health journey. It is definitely not all about ‘calories in calories out’. There has been rainforests written on why this is the wrong approach or the right one.

Today, let us take a data driven approach, to see how diet and lifestyle can not only impact weight but also other important health indicators; weight loss is an added advantage!

How soon can you see a change?

So what change are we looking for? Weight loss? No, you will not see the change in those scales in a day if you have piled them on over years. However, you may see changes in your digestive system.

Is that heavy feeling in your stomach a little lighter? One of our user said, ‘when I stoop down to pick up something, I felt very uncomfortable, but I did not feel that now for the last few days’. Our digestion is directly linked with the nutrient absorption in our body, which drives functioning of our body systems. So, if the first step is in the right direction, we are gradually helping the body to function better. Stress levels, sleep quality and energy levels improve resulting in better productivity which means that you are helping your body do more physically and mentally and ‘wallah’ the weight comes off, if you have to lose that extra weight.

One of our study involved a group of users (from India, UK/Ireland and US) who went through specific nutrition and lifestyle change along with close monitoring of indicators from wearables. The following changes occurred in two weeks and in some cases it was even felt within a week!

How do you feel after a full night sleep?

“I used to wake up tired and with a dull headache. For the last 3 days, I am waking up, feeling I am ready to face the world head on!”

How is your sleep quality?

“My sleep quality score was consistently around 62, in the last 5 days, it has gradually moved up to 80 with one day it even touched 88.”

How has your resting heart rate changed?

“Since lockdown started, my resting heart rate went up to 79 and now it is back down to 69. This is still high vs. my normal but at least it is going the right way.”

How is your stress level?

“I had a constant lump in my throat and had trouble breathing. For last 5days, I don’t feel that way.”

How does your skin feel?

“Here is a picture of mine without any make up. In two weeks my skin is glowing.”

How do you feel?

“My clothes are feeling loose, I feel comfortable in my skin; my confidence is growing.”

Added benefit? Weight loss!

Yes that also happened and on an average people lost about 2-4kgs over 2 weeks!

How Healthy are You?

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