Review of Middle East and India Trip

28 Feb, 2020
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After much sunshine, hummus and curries, it took few days to settle back in Ireland. It was a super hectic few weeks but worth the learnings from continents afar. A country whose Ministry of Health includes the words ‘Ministry of Health and Prevention’, gives an affirmative message right from the start making it a strong reason for one of the largest healthcare event being held there.

This year’s Arab Health in Dubai, UAE, saw professionals from 159 countries and over 4,200 exhibitors under the theme ‘connectivity for better healthcare delivery’. The exhibition in which Digitisation and Scalability took centre stage, reconfirmed our 2 year market research proving that there is a growing need to shift from acute care to prevention and self-management for chronic conditions. Incidentally, these are also the core mission of UAE Vision 2021.

In this backdrop, our solutions saw interests from the insurance sector, healthcare solution providers and chronic disease management clinics. It was intriguing to hear prospective clients tell us the USPs of our product. Our focus on ‘prevention’ ‘digitisation’ and ‘scalability’ with the help of innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and big data analytics struck a chord.

India too was an interesting market to study. We understood that there is gripping work on digitisation that is in progress in the insurance and human resource space. Being one of the pioneers in the IT sector, it is no surprise that the healthcare and Insurance sector is now under focus for digitisation in India.

Chronic Disease management is the focus here too with an alarming rise in those conditions amongst the population. Brining this service to the general public in the second largest populated country in the world, requires scalability in order to succeed. We look forward to working on this in the coming months.

We are utmost grateful to Enterprise Ireland in UAE and India for giving us this immense opportunity during our roadshow.

Despite having an overwhelming amount of work in the coming future, our team is ready and excited with steely determination to ‘pull this off’!

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