Thank you for being with us in 2022

21 Dec, 2022
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2022 just breezed past. An eventful year with some up’s and some down’s too – as a start-up, is anyone surprised?

Empeal’s vision is to move towards digital health being a patient centric system where we start to consider Lifestyle and Behavior a mainstream data than just a “good to have”. Lifestyle also needs intervention like any clinical pathways and that’s what makes the difference. When combined with clinical care, it becomes an effective tool for chronic disease management, keeping patients out of hospitals and improving quality of life. In 2022, we found success in selling and in some cases proving through pilot studies that it is the right approach. So it’s a success story for us in Empeal

My particular and sincere thanks to Padraic Dunne from RCSI for believing in our philosophy and taking it forward to the next level. Today Empeal is proud to join RCSI as technical partner for social rollout of intervention based health and wellbeing management.

We are disruptive and it would need a visionary to understand and appreciate the long term effect it may have on health eco-system. And we are honored to work with Melissa Fisher on a path breaking project to bring a patient centric approach to addressing multi-therapeutic areas. Empeal brings patient data to the care-providers in real-time for more informed and timely decision making and intervention. Thank you Melissa for believing in us – we are super excited to start in the new year on this amazing journey. Also, a big thanks to David Delaney for helping us forward.

Empeal opened its office in India now – our first overseas subsidiary – that’s another achievement. We have grown in numbers in 2022 and our team in India and Ireland will grow in 2023 further. With presence in India, we are looking to expand there and in other Asian markets as well. We are in collaboration with Huawei and 2023 hopefully will bring some significant synergies.

Being Irish-Indians for me and Sohini De, our job will never be done without building bridges between businesses in India and Ireland – thanks to IIBA for proving the platform. Huge thanks to Indian Embassy in Dublin and His Excellency Ambassador of India Shri Akhilesh Mishra Ji for actively supporting us to build the connections.

Martina Fitzgerald – thank you and Scale-Ireland for all your support to Empeal. Thanks to Sree and John O'Dea supporting us from TechIreland. We will keep working together in 2023 and beyond. Thanks to Enterprise-Ireland for your support.

Looking forward to a successful, fruitful and exciting 2023 ahead.

As for the down’s in 2022 – it’s the usual lack of funding, lack of engagement from big payers – don’t really want to ruin the party.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄

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