Men's Health Forum Ireland: Mental Health Week 2021

16 Jun, 2021
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The annual men’s mental health awareness week aims to raise awareness of preventable health problems, encourage the early detection and treatment of health conditions in men and to also support both men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices. It is for this reason why Empeal has collaborated with Men’s mental health forum as they have done so much important work for men in our communities.

The Republic of Ireland was the first country in the world to adopt a National Men’s Health Policy. This policy highlighted the broad range of health and wellbeing issues facing men and outlined frameworks and strategies to address these needs. Although addressing mental health in Ireland has come a long way, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have lasting effects upon the physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing of men and boys. This is why it is so important to continuously raise awareness and to highlight this important issue.

Studies show that the state of mental health for males in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is of increasing concern. Furthermore, research portrays the strong link between mental health and physical health and how they affect each other. The men’s health forum has found that one of the key challenges that is recognised in reaching young men is to overcome cultural taboos associated with acknowledging vulnerability and seeking help. Additionally, it is also important to focus on mind health or mental fitness and not mental health.

According to resent statistics cancer is the cause of 33.3% of all males’ deaths. In 2019 the prevalence of health conditions in the past 12 months was 14% high blood pressure, 10% high cholesterol, 8% arthritis, 6% asthma and 4% depressing and anxiety. This is why better health amongst men and women includes creating healthier societal, community and environmental contexts which support individual lifestyle and health behaviour changes.

It is clear that this is a pressing issue and Empeal is working tirelessly to create real-time change in individuals’ lifestyles and behaviours. Empeal’s mission is to enable individual’s access to a digital health tool which analyses and motivates small, consistent, and positive change to create big health impacts. 


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