Changing Face of HR

18 Dec, 2019
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Traditionally employment was like finish line of a race - where prospective candidates participated and winners became employees. Employers just set the track and watched. This trend is under pressure now. Technology has shrunk the world and everyone is connected. People have access to more information and opportunities. A 'Set Track' is not what the youth are interested anymore. Salary (Money) is sure the lucre but it is just one of many. Prospective employees now are going to ask employers what are the "Others". Environment, health, wellbeing, career options both upward & lateral are going to be as important. Fast life needs delicate balance between work and personal-life leading to emphasis on Flexible-Working-Hours. In silicon valley >33% of tech-resources are now freelancers. Home and office are merging - at a rapid rate. Those in traditional workplace, will look for environment of comfort and ease like their home. Employees would like to be cared for.

Employers now seek diversity at workplace; More than 90% stressing on soft-skills; More than 30% jobs advertised offer flexi-hours. Employment is no longer the race as we knew it. It's now a showcase for employers to attract talent. It's a race of different kind, it's now a race for employers to run!

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