Healthy Eating Interview with Deirdre Doyle

26 May, 2021
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For our most recent interview, we are joined with Deirdre Doyle who is a BTEC-qualified health coach and owner of The Cool Food School which was established to teach children the joys of healthy eating. Children develop their eating patterns early in life. These early years are an opportunity to teach young children healthy habits that will stay with them as they get older.

In this interview Deirdre shares some helpful advice to those parents who struggle to incorporate a more balanced diet into their children’s lives. Deirdre is very experienced with the challenges some parents face and has a rich knowledge and understanding of children’s eating habits and how it changes through different development stages. Deirdre shares that “it can take between seven and twenty times of a child being exposed to a new food before they accept it, and that research shows that parents stop trying after three attempts”. In the interview, Deirdre talks us through some fun ways parents can work through this with their children to optimise their healthy eating.

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