Upcoming Health Sprints from Empeal

9 Nov, 2020
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We're delighted to announce an exciting list of upcoming Empeal Health Sprints for any of our users to access. In addition, Empeal will be rolling out Health Sprint Booking for individuals not currently using our app.

For the first time, non-Empeal users will be able to access our Health Sprint Programmes. Our Health Sprints are a set of comprehensive video training sessions covering everything from home cooking to mental health. Presented by hand-picked experts, our health sprints give you the know-how to change your life through self-improvement.

Upcoming Courses:

1. Be More Productive with Moira: Moira Dunne is a productivity expert and founder of beproductive.ie. Moira works with individuals and organisations to help them optimise their productivity and get control of their time, promoting not only higher performance but also reducing the feeling of stress and overwhelm. Moira is an approved Enterprise Ireland Productivity Specialist and works as a mentor with a number of Local Enterprise Boards, helping SME's to streamline their businesses.

Moira's Health Sprint will give you: 1. Practical Tips to take control of your time 2. Action Plan to manage work life balance 3. Inspiration and Motivation to form New Habits 4. Daily Productivity Tips 5. A Suite of Productivity Templates 6. Membership to the beproductive.ie Community

2. Sugar Fix With Margerrete: As a qualified fully insured Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach and a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) Margarete is the go to person for advise on changes you can make to how and what you eat to improve your overall health. 

Margerrete's Health Sprint will give you: 1. Gain an understanding about where sugar may be sneaking into their diet. 2. Get a 5 day step by step meal plan and recipes which can be used for 10 days, including prep and a shopping list. 3. Discover easy swaps for breakfast and snacks to use going forward. (usually the worst offenders) 4. Get daily prompts and my top tips to help put the ideas and challenge into practice. 5. Benefit from accountability, motivation and support throughout the programme from a qualified NT - because knowing what to do is only part of the solution..

Stay tuned to Empeal's social channels to learn more about our Health Sprints and how you can sign up.

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