Pension Awareness Week - 2022

20 Sep, 2022
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The annual Pensions Awareness Week 2022 returned this month. This year our founder Sohini De was invited to speak at one of the SME master classes to discuss employee wellness initiatives and how this effects organisations as whole. Sohini spoke on whether employee wellness is a fad or fixture and explained that it is most definitely here to stay.

Sohini mentioned in the interview that 45% of company budgets post-covid-19 went into employee wellness benefits especially in the areas of mental health. Additionally, Sohini highlighted a few areas for improvement such as low engagement in health initiatives and employee assistant programs. Recent studies made by Gartner stated that 85% of employees have access to these programs but only 20% took up and utilised the offer.

Importantly Sohini pointed out that employers lack relevant information toward what employees want and need in their employee wellness programs. Sohini suggested that a significant reason for this is lack of secure data that would otherwise assist employers in their decision-making choices when it comes to employee health..

Full Interview HERE

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