My views on Life Coaching by Karen Barody

1 Apr, 2020
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I wanted to share my experience with Life Coaching. I had my fourth life coaching session last week and I have to say it is an extremely enjoyable experience. If you struggle with setting goals or being accountable for your actions, I can’t recommend doing this highly enough. Working in a fast paced job, sometimes it’s extremely difficult to switch off and be able to think about your own wants and needs.

Being an Online Health coach and Fitness Instructor, we are always helping others to set goals and objectives and coaching others to be the best they can be that we sometimes forget about ourselves. The journey from my life coaching to date has pushed me to dig deeply for answers and things I need as a person. I was taken through visualisation which blew my mind away. We also went through what my needs are and what I need to do to improve some of these area’s. (Survival, Love and Belonging, Achievement, Freedom and the Fun factor). I found myself really questioning what “fun” things I do for myself. Even to the point where I started googling what fun things I can do.

Once I started looking at this, I realised that I am already half way there in this area but there is always room for improvement. Anyone who says they don’t need to learn anything new, you are in denial. Life is a continuous learning game, one we need to keep moving along with. The most recent session I had, I took part in a strength’s questionnaire. I have since started to do some journaling exercises from my coaching profile outcome. By getting thoughts on paper and journaling in general, is a fantastic self awareness exercise that enhances feelings of motivation and wellbeing.

Out of the 24 headings, Kindness, Love, Fairness, Honesty and Gratitude were my top 5 strengths. Sometimes in life you can’t see the wood for the trees so I made a conscious decision to continue with life coaching. The benefits far outweigh the cost of these sessions and I’m really looking forward to my next session. It’s one thing setting goals and a completely other thing to actually achieve them. I have since put together a 1 year plan of what I want to achieve for the year ahead. If you are a lists person like me, you’ll really enjoy life coaching. By being accountable, I know I’ll achieve them. Why not try something new, something for you and be the best you can be.

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