TU Blanchardstown Partnership

9 Nov, 2020
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It's incredibly rewarding for our entire team at Empeal when we partner with a new organisation or institution that's as passionate about employee wellness as we are.

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with TU Blanchardstown. If you're a staff member at TU Blanchardstown or the LINC, you can now avail of the Empeal App and each of our incredible features for free.

What can I do with Empeal?

Empeal offers a range of fun, easy to use features which will enable you to be mentally and physically healthier. Our primary features service the following:

1. Personalised Health Programme: Empeal's innovative technology gives you on-demand access to custom group and individual health plans. Gamifying the process, allowing you to compete with your friends for prizes.

2. Integrates with your Wearables: Empeal integrates with your wearables and other fit-tech products allowing you to monitor your progress, securely, with full data protection.

3. Understand your Health: Empeal delivers on-demand, customisable assessments to provide a 360° view of your health and happiness.

4. Access to Experts: As an Empeal user, you'll have access to expert mentorship in the form of our 'Health Sprints'. A set of comprehensive video training sessions covering everything from home cooking to productivity boosting.

Download Empeal today on Apple or Android to boost your wellbeing like never-before.

How Healthy are You?

Get a picture of your current health status and habits by taking our short Health and Wellbeing Check!