Interview with Senior Clinical Psychologist, Fodhla Coogan- Mental health and Obesity

14 Jun, 2020
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'Obesity and mental health' is emerging as one of the most common concerns these days. Several studies have found that a disproportionate number of patients with mental illness are obese compared to the general population.

This week we had a very informative interview with Senior Clinical Psychologist, Fodhla Coogan where she gives us interesting facts about the interlinking of mental health to obesity.

Fodhla Coogan is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who works for the HSE. She is currently working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. She also worked in Adult Mental Health Services at the progressive - Centre for Mental Health Care, West Cork.

Fodhla has a PhD. in Science research from NUI Maynooth. Her thesis looked at implicit and explicit attitudes toward ethnic minorities in Ireland. During this time Fodhla was among the first therapists in the world to be trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She then attained a Clinical Doctorate in Psychology at NUI Galway where she continued to develop her clinical skills and completed a thesis on the experiences of Transgender women in Ireland.

Watch the video here

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