How Health and Productivity are Related

28 Jun, 2022
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How Health and Productivity Are Related

While other countries are going through the Great Resignation, employees in Ireland are planning to stay with their employers long-term. The 2022 Attraction & Retention survey revealed [1] that Irish employees are more likely to be productive and engaged in their jobs, especially when companies supported their well-being throughout the pandemic. 34% of Irish employees believe health benefits are important in an employment package, and are willing to reward employers with increased productivity and loyalty in return.

It’s no surprise that healthier workers are happier and more productive. Want to refuel your own productivity? Here’s why you should pay attention to your health:

Understanding the Connection Between Health and Productivity

Productivity increases the healthier you are, since your body has everything it needs to function properly. Irish Health Life explains that workplace mental health [2] serves as a big factor in employee productivity and absenteeism. In fact, the organisation emphasises that businesses should embrace health into their company culture, especially since mental health was the highest cause of long-term absenteeism among workers in 2020.

Unfortunately, Irish Health Life also warns that simple presenteeism isn't the right alternative, either. Though you may be physically present in the office, you might be too ill to work and concentrate on their tasks and perform as required. Without getting proper support for your health, cases of absenteeism and presenteeism can lead to burnout and resignation.

So while “presenteeism” can build a facade of productivity, you can only be truly productive if you actively manage your physical health, mental wellness, and stress levels.

How Can You Boost Your Health and Productivity?

Consume a Diet That’s Best for Your Body

If you want to make positive changes in your health and productivity, then you should start by improving your diet.

Rather than recommending restrictive or even gimmicky diet plans, nutritionist Darin Olien clarifies in Superlife [3] that individuals must focus more on quality nutrition, hydration, and detoxification. These are integral to your body functions, so focusing on them can make it easier for you to maintain your health and wellness in the long run. By following a balanced diet plan and taking the necessary supplements, your body will have access to the nutrients that it needs to function optimally.

Make Time for Wellness Activities

Apart from consuming a healthy diet, it’s also crucial to take care of your own body through wellness activities.

Recognising that health is important to the productivity of employees, Gartner notes that organisations have increased budgets [4] for benefits to allocate for mental and emotional well-being programmes. This is especially useful for workers since individuals with increased well-being are more likely to be engaged and satisfied with their work. So if you have access to these programmes, it’s recommended that you make time for exercise and wellness activities for the benefit of both your professional and personal lives.

Prioritise Your Mental Well-Being

Employers are starting to invest in mental well-being programmes, especially since mental and emotional health can also affect overall productivity.

While it may seem more productive to spend more time at work, psychologist Jamie Davies states in his book Sedated [5] that cultivated leisure is a big contributor to your mental health. The psychologist recommends managing your workday so that you can make time for meaningful pursuits that involve your relationships, your communities, and even yourself. Work-life balance is the key here, as allotting time for your leisure can create a positive impact on your overall productivity at work.

The most productive workers are the healthiest ones. So if you want to produce better results, you need to provide all the care and support that your body needs first


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