February Newsletter

16 Mar, 2021
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As we move into February, In one of our biggest partnerships to date with Network Ireland, we successfully rolled out our Fitness and Nutritional programs for our partner Network Ireland in collaboration with Chris Loh (Fitness Expert), Fiona Staunton (Cook fit expert), Moira Dunne (Mind fit expert), Rebecca Doyyle (Makeup expert). Throughout February the Network Ireland #NIFittestBranch participants engaged with their own branch members and competed with other branch teams. This supported them to improve their overall mental and physical well being.

The NIFittestBranch programme not only improved branch members physical and mental engagement, but also helped them to engage and build a network with other branch members. Apart from NI, we were selected as one of the 10 startups for Tangent, Trinity's Ideas Workspace at Trinity College Dublin's new AI accelerator programme. Moreover, Sohini De dedicated her time to write a blog on "Are we ready for Remote Working?"

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