How to Develop a Broader Perspective in Life

20 Jul, 2020
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Life is equivocal but living is resolute. A life with full conscience is what everyone looks out for but very few are fortunate enough to acquire the ability of insight. Although, it’s difficult to achieve this knowledge of wisdom, it’s not impossible and one can always aspire to become his own Gautama Buddha!

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. — Brian Tracy

Gautama Buddha was a person, who not only left his family and friends to seek wisdom, but also left his kingdom where he lived for 29 years as a prince. For him, material wealth was not life’s ultimate goal.

He wanted to conquer his ‘Self’. Meanwhile, he realized that the Self cannot be conquered but deceived. He never gave up. He preached and meditated for 49 days after which he was awakened. It was the time of his resurrection. He was reborn. Everything was different for him. Everything was new. He was alive. This quality is onerous to acquire and the one who attains it is the real successful person in life.

People love to live in their comfort zone but the moment they are told to leave it, they stumble. This is natural. It’s not easy to mislay the everyday life one is living. But the moment one decides to quit it and try new things, he attains a sense of affirmation which shapes his personality and makes him independent.

Why is it important to develop a perspective? “It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” ― George Eliot

With larger perspective, you can vividly discern and thus broadening your horizon towards various aspects in life makes living a lot easier. Though, it is rather imperative to grow as a person, it’s equally cardinal to widen our views.

So, how do you achieve this? Well, every one is different and it depends on the person if he wants to enlarge his perspective or not. But if you’re that person who is desperate to proliferate their mind with a bigger picture then follow these 6 steps:

1. Meditate

Meditation is that medicine which not only increases your concentration and self-awareness but also helps in reducing stress and aging. When you meditate, you migrate into a state of trans- where everything becomes lucid. This is when your creativity emerges and you think differently. For you, every situation then has two faces and you’re much clear about the consequences associated with them.

Of all the factors which help in widening your perspective, it is better that you first try to focus on yourself and your thoughts. Unclear mind and malign thoughts lead to a catastrophic outcome. Therefore, you should meditate every single day of your life.

2. Believe in the Divine

I used to be an atheist and hardly felt that worshiping God did anything better. I used to think, whatever you are is because of your doings. But things started falling apart and I was failing in every aspect of my life until I began praying. It made me realize that when I prayed I remained happy throughout the day and I had more energy to do the work. It gave me immense power to tackle the obstacles.

In fact, studies show that when you believe in something or someone your confidence increases exponentially. When you believe you can do something, it means you have faith in yourself and that you have the ability to accomplish a particular task. This ultimately makes you believe in the almighty and hence, praying is considered an important part of every individual’s life.

3. Travel

Travelling forces you into situations where you don’t have immediate simulations and gratifications. It exposes you to show your existential potential and the power to excel when you’re not in your comfort zones.

When you travel, you’re far from your comfort zone and this is when you can explore new places and different cultures and traditions. Additionally, when you travel, your inner Self awakens. You begin to distinguish your likes and dislikes and find what you really want from life. In other words, you find who you really are.

4. Try new things

When I was a kid, I was never afraid to try new things which were not even difficult but dangerous as well. In our childhood years, we have very little understanding of things around us. We are in our learning stages and this is when we try numerous different things which are not only new to us but far from our comfort zone. As we grow up, this tendency to learn new things or even try, diminishes and we’re succumbed to peer pressure. In this course, we lose our desires and start becoming afraid of things. In those times, innovation should be striven to keep you alive in every step you take in life.

When you try new things, you feel an urge to do it again and again. For instance, if you’re scared of bungee jumping and never tried, you should definitely be on the front seat to try it once in your life. Experience your life without fears. In the end, you’ll feel proud of yourself because you’ll have lived a life without fears and regrets, which is ultimately a great achievement.

Perspective is something that you acquire from experience and hard work. What’s more important is how you carry it along.

The knowledge that you procure throughout your course of life is limitless but the way you perceive it, matters.

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