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6 Apr, 2021
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This year has been a great example of how we have come together in times of crisis to protect one another. It is empowering to note how resilient we have become through our ability to produce vaccines, treatments, and tests to help those in need. World Health Day is an important date to note as it occurs annually on the 7th of April and it aims to bring attention to specific health topics each year. For example, in 2020 nurses and mid-wives were celebrated to remind world leaders of the critical role they play in healthcare. The goal for World Health Day 2021 is to create awareness of the inequalities that occur within the health industry. This year all are encouraged to reflect and contribute to the effort of building a fairer, healthier world where an equal opportunity to healthcare is achieved. 

World health day is sponsored by The World Health Organisation which is responsible for international public health. As part of their efforts to achieve their goals, the organisation has been an advocate and voice for those who have gone unheard. This year as expected Covid-19 and vaccine rollouts have been a very pressing topic. The World Health organisation has called on governments to recognise seafarers and aircrew as keyworkers. Currently, these workers are being dismissed by governments as they have not been acknowledged as a priority to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. To stand against this action and to give these workers a voice the World Health Organisations has been active in lobbying governments to help change this decision. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation is partnered with COVAX to try and accelerate the development, production, and equitable access to covid-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines. This is an effort to save and protect lives while attempting to control the pandemic further.

Within the Irish context, The World Organisation has also expressed strong opinions in the past concerning government arrangements and Covid-19. This was seen recently when the World Health Organization publicly sided with an age-based system of vaccination rollout rather than one focused on profession which was previously happening in Ireland. This change was encouraged by WHO as it was thought that it would achieve better results and a faster rollout of vaccines for the Irish people.

For the past year, wellness has been on everybody's minds as the pandemic has continued to spike and decline throughout the different seasons. For most of us washing our hands wearing facemasks and using hand, sanitizer has become part of our everyday routine. However, for those living in third-world countries, many disadvantaged individuals do not have this privilege. To be given the opportunity to protect oneself along with loved ones is something that everybody should be given the chance to do. It is for this reason why The World Health Organization has prioritised equality and better health for everyone in this year’s World Health Day 2021.

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