Network Ireland Fittest Branch

16 Mar, 2021
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In partnership with Network Ireland, Network Ireland Fittest Brach was our biggest collaborations this year, which saw teams from each branch across the island competing in a series of health and fitness challenges, with the winner being crowned the fittest branch.

The NIFittestBranch Challenge commenced on 1st February 2021, with 10k steps challenge. Along with the challenge, health coaches supported the participants with their expertise. Chris Loh started competition by providing fitness tips. Health coach Fiona Staunton gave insightful home-cooking course. Moira Dunne, our health coach showed the participants how to train your brain with practical tips on staying sharp through COVID. Finally, Rebekah Doyle provided makeup course to our participants.

Overall, the competition supported the participants to improve their physical and mental well being. We were amazed to see a dramatic improvement in sleep quality, as a group, the sleep quality improved by 7%.

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