Meet the team - Kate Fitton

9 Jun, 2021
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This week we will be introducing you to Kate who is our marketing executive for Empeal. Kate joined Empeal in April and she so kindly recalls her experience with working remotely and how Empeal has been such a great assistance in helping her to become more aware and focused on health and wellness. 

“As part of my job at Empeal I am responsible for planning and executing interviews with a variety of health coaches across different areas such as nutrition, fitness, stress management and sleep. Conducting these interviews has really made me more aware about the different aspects of health and how important it is to consume a balanced diet, exercise on a daily basis and to monitor your stress levels.

Previously before working with Empeal, I was so busy completing my MSc degree and working part-time I let my health slip and I began to stop taking care of myself as much as I would have liked to. Throughout the Winter months I found it particularly hard to stay motivated to go outside and exercise. However, after listening to what the health coaches had to say, it made me realise the importance of movement and how it enables you to sleep better and manage stress levels. 

I also found that at the beginning, working from home was a challenge. This is so as my work desk was in my bedroom and so I confined to a small space for majority of the day. However, I learned the importance of taking breaks and opening window to allow in some fresh air. Through listening and taking the advice of coaches I am now able to implement some healthier working habits when working from home”.

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